Mohamed S. Ebeida
PhD Candidate
Dept. of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
University of California - Davis

Research: Data structures

Data Structures

 A Non-manifold Non-oriented Optimal data structure for Geometry models (NNOG)
  • This data structure utilize the least amount of data to be stored in order to have an efficient query algorithm. The stored data represent the incident and the adjacency graphs associated with the geometrical model.


    A non-manifold model used to illustrate our data structure. The upper figure
    shows the entities of the CAD model while the bottom figure shows the incidence
    and the adjacency graphs placed on top of each other.

 An optimal Non-manifold Hybrid Mesh Data structure (NHMD)

  • NHMD is a mesh data structure that can handle hybrid meshes formed of Isolated nodes, Beam elements, triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedra, pyramids, prisms and/or hexahedra.
  • NHMD is an optimal data structure with respect to storage requirements and computational time required to perform the standard query operations.
  • NHMD is capable of handling a hybrid mesh having up to 10 Million 3D elements using a a single processor with 2.0 GB Ram. The associated matrices for the query operations was generated in less than 45 seconds. 



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