Mohamed S. Ebeida
PhD Candidate
Dept. of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
University of California - Davis

Research: Meshing

Meshing Projects

 Conversion of triangular meshes into all-quadrilaterals: 


This model received the Meshing Maestro award in the 19th International Meshing Roundtable

  2-Refinement of All-Quad and All-Hex Meshes: 

  • Real-time tessellation of Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces: 



  • All-Quad Dynamic Remeshing during an unsteady laminar flow simulation over two parallel cylinders at Re = 200. The Evolution of the vorticity contours and the utilized grids is illustrated in the following figure:

  • All-Quad Refinement: A conforming quad-tree refinement (right) based on the gray scale function of Riemann photo (left).


  • All-Hex Refinement: A conforming octree refinement based on the point cloud of a surface mesh representing a human face. 



 Unstructured All-Quad Adaptive Grid Generation with Guaranteed Quality (min angle = 45 , max angle = 135)

  •  Domain with multiple regions


  • Lake Superior

  • Multi-Element Airfoil



     (b)                                  (c)                                  (d)                                (e) 


 Insertion of Hybrid Meshes: 

  • Mesh insertion of a tetrahedral mesh (sphere) into a hexahedral mesh (cube): The elements of the sphere are preserved while the elements of the cube are modified to generate a connected crack-free mesh. 

Input meshes   -    final mesh   - a cross section in the final crack-free mesh

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